The Still Editor module allows you to create captions, text boards and news tickers. With an easy-to-use panel, suitable components can be downloaded from external files or created – even during the production and live editing.

Still Editor – is an additional module for creating text panels, complementary to the 3D and LITE Production modules. It allows you to create aesthetic and impressive compositions in the form of graphic files with texts, e.g. news tickers. The text panels created in this manner can be used during the program broadcast, for example on the DSK layer. They may contain images created in any kind of graphics program (like a logo) and texts.

Working in the Still Editor is based on modifying the graphic objects. These elements are independent (loaded as external files or created directly in the module), so that you can transform any of them at any time.


The level of modification may include various areas depending on the element’s type. You can change only graphic elements’ size and position in the workspace, while the range of modifications for the text elements is much wider and allows you to give an individual form to the edited text freely: you can change font’s size and type, define ways to fill the text with color, pattern, or gradient. What’s more, you can also modify those patterns and gradients. An outline or a shadow can be a nice addition to the created elements.

Text panels created with STILL Editor have a very significant advantage over the graphics prepared in other graphic programs. You can modify their content in real-time during the production stage (in the 3D or LITE Production module). It allows you to use them as templates of, for example, news tickers, where you can quickly and easily enter a new content without changing the graphic elements.